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Buildings and exteriors
Photographs of buildings and exteriors
Central complex - office building
Central complex - general view
Central complex - goods reception check-in station
Central complex - despatch zone
Central complex - despatch zone
Hall "C" - general view
Customer care
Photographs of premises intended for contact with customers
Sales department
Sales department - lounge
Sales department - showroom
Hall "A" - customer zone
Hall "A" - showroom
Office building - lounge
Warehouses and technologies
Photographs of storage spaces and technologies
Hall "A" - pallet racks 48, 49
Hall "A" - pallet racks 50, 51
Hall "A" - Central corridor
Hall "A" - Central corridor
Hall "A" - shuttle
Hall "A" - shelf racks A-XX-X-XX
Hala "A" - shelf racks A-04-X-0X
Hall "A" - shelf racks A-XX-X-2X
Hall "A" - cable racks
Hall "A" - cable racks
Hall "C" - pallet racks 70, 71
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