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Residential electric installation material (CZ)
ZIP [38.13 MB]
Classic, Tango, Swing, Neo, Time, Element, Future, devices up to IP66, ENSTO, ABB I-bus, ...
Catalogue of products for photovoltaics (EN)
PDF [5.87 MB]
Connectors, cables, surge arresters for photovoltaics
Catalogue of terminal blocks (EN)
PDF [10.42 MB]
Standard terminals and terminal blocks, earth terminal blocks, 2,3-level, disconnect, fuse holders, diode holders, ...
Catalogue of electronic products
PDF [9.61 MB]
Power supplies, surge and overcurrent protection devices, EMI filters, relays, ...
Eaton (Moeller)
PDF [20.35 MB]
PDF [5.61 MB]
PDF [30.13 MB]
PDF [7 MB]
PDF [2.27 MB]
PDF [5.88 MB]
PDF [12.39 MB]
PDF [4.85 MB]
FVG Energy
Catalogue of products for photovoltaics (EN)
PDF [3.36 MB]
Photovoltaic panels, inverters, cables, connectors
Product catalogue (SK)
PDF [48.97 MB]
Data cables, patch cables, patch panels, racks, fibre optic cables and components
Rack catalogue Triton / Keline (CZ)
PDF [20 MB]
Data racks, ventilation units, shelves, lighting units, accessories
EIM - electric installation material (CZ)
PDF [4.33 MB]
Wiring boxes, trunkings, pipes, fixing material
CSS - Cable supporting systems (CZ)
PDF [5.31 MB]
Cable trays Mars, Jupiter, wire, stainless, cable ladders, floor boxes, fire resistant systems
CAP - Cable protectors (CZ)
PDF [0.41 MB]
KOPODUR, KOPOFLEX, KOPOHALF, single wall protection conduits, corrugated double wall protection ducts, basic data for projection
Minia (CZ)
PDF [17.52 MB]
Modular devices
Modeion (CZ)
PDF [59.19 MB]
Moulded case circuit breakers
Arion (CZ)
PDF [9.42 MB]
Air circuit breakers
Modi (CZ)
PDF [5.14 MB]
Automatic standby unit
Varius (CZ)
PDF [33.95 MB]
Fuse systems
Distri (CZ)
PDF [21.56 MB]
Switchboard cabinets
Conteo (CZ)
PDF [18.37 MB]
Devices for switching and controlling, motor starters
PDF [2.23 MB]
Pressure and float switches
PDF [0.68 MB]
Power One
Catalogue of PV products (CZ)
PDF [3.59 MB]
Aurora inverters
Main catalogue (SK)
PDF [19.6 MB]
Plugs, sockets, switches, distribution boxes, wiring boxes, terminal blocks, cable glands, pipes, cable trays, ...
Schneider Electric
Multi 9 (SK)
ZIP [21.14 MB]
Circuit breakers, surge arresters, overcurrent protection, relays, detectors, dimmers, distribution boxes, ...
Sarel (CZ)
PDF [12.53 MB]
Catalogue of distribution boxes, types: Spacial 3D, Thalassa, Spacial 6000, Spacial 18500 and accessories
Unica, Anya, Cedar Plus (CZ)
ZIP [33.12 MB]
Switches and sockets
Catalogue of PV products (EN)
PDF [11.25 MB]
Inverters and accessories of Sunny family (SunnyBoy, Sunny Mini Central, Sunny Central, ...)
Hobby - sensor systems (SK)
PDF [3.38 MB]
Sensor luminaires and motion sensors
Profi - sensor systems (SK)
PDF [1.05 MB]
Sensor luminaires and motion sensors
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