Electric installation material
Products / Electric installation material
Mounting, support and routing systems
Cable trays, ladders, trunkings, flexible and rigid pipes, installation and junction boxes
Switches and sockets
Domestic, industrial, socket distribution boxes and drums, flexible extension power cords
Joints and terminations
Cable lugs, forks, cups, pins, cable joints, heat-shrinking technology, tubes, copper-aluminium shims, connectors
Columns and pillars
Steel, concrete, aluminium, wooden, plastic columns and pillars, equipment, accessories
Marking elements
For cables, distribution boxes, Dymo markers
Intelligent buildings
Remote control, dimmers, sensors, communication devices
Home comunication systems
Doorphones, intercoms, electric door locks, buzzers, power supplies, push button expanders, videosystems
Fixing material
Sádra, fólie, cable pulling devices, binding straps, isolation and protective tapes, spirals, ropes
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