Distribution equipment
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Circuit breaking devices
Circuit breakers for LV, MV, HV, air circuit breakers, fuses, surge arresters, residual current devices
Switching devices
Contactors, switches, breakers, disconnectors, microswitches, overcurrent protection devices, time switches
Modular devices
Contactors, relays, switches, change-over, dimmer, time switches, switch disconnectors, program timers, measurement devices, electricity meters, control and signalization elements
Terminals, terminal blocks
Terminals, terminal blocks, bus and junction box terminals, accessories
Motor starters
With button, lever, contactor
Time, power, memory, heat, overcurrent, current, voltage, multifunction, level, installation, minirelays, sockets and accessories
Control and signalization
Signal heads and lights, LED units, signal columns, beacons, buzzers, accessories
Measurement devices
Electricity, current, voltage, phase meters, accessories
Compensation, regulation
Capacitors under 400V, over 400V, compensation contactors, regulators
Al, Cu, flexible busbars, bus holders
Transformers, transformer stations, interconnecting systems, inverters, power supplies, alarms
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